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Still #NoVinGang now 749 day since reservation
finally a Build week November 14th. As of today 835 days since reservation
Where in S.OC? We're over in Dana Point, and I'm the one that asked about your Rear shackle mounts at BBBB. Thanks for the info about the shackles and I just ordered them! :D

Ray Hutchinson, AKA Packrat.
I have plaques. I also have last years plaque
$7.00 includes shipping
My Venmo is @thomas-doran-10
Thank you, Tom. I send u for this (first) year. Please ship to 3931 Declaration Ave, Calabasas 91302.
Ok. I’ll get it in the mail tomorrow.
As of this morning (6/2) we're the only 2 signed up for this trail. Have you ever done it before? Dusty suggested I lead it, but honestly I've only done parts of it with a group back in '94 or '95, and I don't even remember how to get there! Any thoughts?

Ray Hutchinson, AKA Packrat
‘71 EB, “Coco”, 5.8L, 351 Windsor, full width, 37” All Terrains. Lots of extras and mods I have no clue.
HS Bio Teacher 24 years., Supports Badass Bronco Babery. Passionate about spending time with my husband and friends camping and off roading in our Broncos.

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