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YOU Can Organize and/or Lead A Run! Here's How...


I Started This Gangsta Shit
So Cal Broncos OG
So Cal Broncos is an ad hoc, do-it-yourself disorganization of misfits. We don't have a leader, grand poobah or an event coordinator. As such, ANYONE can put a run together, including YOU! You wanna hit the trails? don't wait for someone else to do it, go ahead and run it up the flagpole yourself. Organizing or leading a run is easy. Here's what to do.

Of course you'll need to let everyone know a few important pieces of information:
  • TRAIL INFO - What trail(s) will you be running? Give your attendees a bit of info on what to expect as far as difficulty, how they should be equipped, etc.
  • DATE - The date of the run.
  • WHERE & WHEN - Exact place and meeting time to gather for the run. Make sure you pick a gathering place that is accessible, easy to find, and has enough space for your group to gather.
Once you have this information, use it create a NEW THREAD in the OTHER SO CAL BRONCOS TRAIL RUNS forum. Please include the trail and date in the subject line. Try to find a picture to include in your post that is representative of the trail. Then let me know by either tagging me or sending me a PM, and I'll put it on the event calendar.

RSVP SUGGESTED. If you want to limit the number of attendees, let me or another Admin know your maximum number of attendees and we will turn on the RSVP feature for your run thread. This will add a feature to the thread where your attendees can add their name to the list, and it will only allow the quantity of participants you requested. I highly recommend using this, as many of the runs these days have just gotten too big. Good trail stewardship includes limiting your group to a manageable size so that other groups and individuals can share and enjoy the trails. I suggest a maximum of 20, but you may choose whatever number you'd like.

You are also welcome to post run notifications for non-So Cal Broncos runs here. Please put these in the NON-SCB RUNS & EVENTS forum.

Note that the requested info above is just a minimum requirement. But please add as much information as possible in order to keep your attendees informed and ensure the most fun for their experience. Things you might consider adding to your run announcement or the run itself:
  • Cross-post your run announcement to the So Cal Broncos or So Cal Broncos 6G Facebook Group. Please include a link back to your run announcement here in the forum, especially if you are limiting the number of attendees through the RSVP feature discussed above.
  • Designate a radio channel for on-trail communications. In So Cal Broncos most of us use race radios and channels chosen from this list of frequencies. But its your run, you can choose whichever type of radio and channel you want.
  • Provide in-depth trail information including links to websites with further information, GPS coordinates or even GPX files that attendees can pre-load into their devices. You may use the Resources section of this forum to share your GPX files, then include a link to it in your run thread.
  • Suggestions on items to bring such as lunch, chairs, clothing according to the expected weather, etc.
  • Do some research on the trail and note any interesting natural or geological features, historical points of interest or any other tidbits your attendees will find interesting. You can either post these POI's in your thread or tell your attendees about them along the trail.
  • Encourage your attendees to come back to the forum after the run and post up their photos.
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