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We now have a Calendar!


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Just a heads up that I've added calendar functionality to the forum. There's a link to the Calendar page in the top-menu on desktop browsers or in the "hamburger" menu on mobile (the three horizontal lines, found at the left of the top-stripe on mobile browsers). There's also a widget in the sidebar displaying upcoming events. On desktop browsers this widget will be in the sidebar near the top. On mobile it will appear below the forum list or content you're viewing.

I haven't opened up calendar editing for general members yet. For now, it's confined to Admins and Moderators for adding events. I've gone ahead and added several of the upcoming events to it already. The calendar works as an extension of a forum post. So if you make a post to announce an upcoming run or other event, I or one of the other admins can turn the post into a calendar entry. So if you post up a run announcement, let me know and I'll flip that switch for you.

The Calendar is pretty simple and doesn't have a ton of features, but it's functional. I'll be looking into adding a widget to the sidebar that will integrate with the calendar to highlight upcoming runs.
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