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Tow Service - AAA, Coach-Net etc

So AAA just changed their RV portion on their membership to only get you $500 towards 1 tow - with a DP that is always towing something, I am guessing that won't go far. I actually signed up for Coach Net because Dusty/Steff seemed to like them, but I got the paperwork and it says, they only tow to the "nearest qualified repair facility". Any opinions out there on a good RV tow service membership that will tow you home? Are they all crap? I just want it towed home - assuming we are within a reasonable distance.


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The one and only time we've actually used Coach Net so far, we did have the RV towed to our house, rather than a repair facility. But the reason we recommend Coach Net is that we were actually out of our policy at the time. Steffie had not kept up the membership and we were like a year out of our coverage. But Coach Net still helped us, they used their network to find the tow company, and used their discount to get us a tow rate of about $500, when the quotes we had received by contacting tow companies on our own were in the $1500+ range. That level of service to a non-current customer bought our loyalty, and we've kept it current ever since. So, had we been actual customers at the time, would they have towed it to the house for free? I don't know. But the guy acted like it was no big deal to do so. It's not like we were asking to be towed home from Colorado. The distance to home wasn't much farther than it would have been to a repair facility.


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Most companies have changed their policy. With Triple A it’s 500 or 100 miles which ever comes first we found out the hard way after a 2400 towing bill. Good Sam’s it’s to the nearest service. We bought memberships to both this year becuse we were out of time and taking a trip and will be doing more research when they come up again. Triple A left us stranded in Arizona telling us after we waited for 5 hours they could not find us a tow and to do it ourselves. We found a tow in 5 minutes. It was 900. to tow it the 60 miles back into Yuma and they only paid 500 of that saying we sent you our new policy in the mail. We ended up having it towed from yuma to our house in Lakeside for another 2200. which after posting on thier FB site that they left us stranded on the side of the road they paid 500 of that too. Wont use Triple A after this year again.
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