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The Third Rail has ONE RULE. Don't break it.


I Started This Gangsta Shit
So Cal Broncos OG
1. Don't be a dick.

I understand that might be tough for some to interpret, so I'll go ahead and explain. Here in The Third Rail, just about any subject matter is OK for discussion, including those topics we would rather keep OUT of the rest of the forum, such as anything to do with politics, religion, gender or lack thereof, anything of a sexual nature or NSFW (no porn, please), profanity including F-bombs. All of that stuff is OK in here. But what is not OK is being a dick, either in your post, or in your responses to the posts of others. Being a dick in your original post includes anything that is racist in nature, sexist in nature (not sexy, sexIST), pornographic material, or any personal attack on another SCB member. Being a dick in your comments includes any personal attack on the poster. Don't like their politics? Scroll on by. If you believe they violated Rule 1, send me or one of the other admins a PM and we'll look into it but please don't fire back publicly. Although we allow controversial subject matter in this sub-forum, ALWAYS treat your fellow So Cal Broncos members with respect, even if you disagree with something they posted. Also, what happens in The Third Rail stays in The Third Rail. Don't quote or post anything in here to the other sections of this forum or anywhere outside this forum. Doing so would be a violation of Rule Number One.

IMPORTANT: Only use The Third Rail if you are unoffendable. If you have a tendency to get offended and lash out because of something you read on the internet, either in here or if you go somewhere else to whine about it, that's being a dick and a violation Rule Number One.
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