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Ridge route/Old Road Scenic Run


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I don't know about you, but I've been anxious to get back out there in the dirt with the Bronco. Some folks have asked about another nice, easier scenic/historical run, so I'm putting together this one. For this run, we will start at Quail Lake, and then hit the Old Road, otherwise known as the Ridge Route. This is how people got out of LA and into the desert along roughly the same route as the current I5 runs back in the day. We will stop at a couple of iconic locations like the Tumble Inn, etc. This will be on broken pavement. Then we will hit Liebre Mountain Rd. (dirt fire road) and take it across the highest peak in that part of the Sierra Paloma range ending up just outside of Lake Huges. Note, this is a purely scenic/historical run mostly on graded fire roads. We will experience some of the interesting history of the area, as well as some really nice views. I would rate this, at most, a level 2 or 3 trail with no obstacles. Just a nice day out in the mountains. I would budget 4-5 hours for this run and plan to have lunch on the trail.

We will meet at the Qual Lake Recreation area parking lot off Hwy 138 at 9AM on Sunday 1/21/2024 if you would like to join us.

If you're still planning to attend this run, please fill out this emergency contact form ahead of the run so I know who to expect and have a contact in case of an emergency.

If you aren't planning to attend, please remove your RSVP. There are a number of folks who want to attend that can't because the run is full.

Thanks and see you on the 21st!

It’s still looking like rain, both Saturday and Sunday. Since this is a scenic run, and one of the reasons we are hitting the spots we are is the view, I don’t think that we are going to see much if it’s raining, or even very overcast. So, I’m going to push the run out a week to Sunday 1/28 and hope that the weather gods smile on us this time! Right now, it’s looking good. *knock on wood*

Please let me know if you’re still going to attend or not.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

OK, well, I had fun, hope everyone else did as well! Here's a few pictures from the day. 17 Bronco's total attend!

IMG_5794.jpegRidge Route Bronco 2.jpgBurnt Peak 2.jpgBurnt Peak 1.jpgTumble Inn 2.jpgridge route bronco 1.jpg
Line of Broncos.jpg


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Well, this time of year a lot of the trails are closed due to washout from the rains and snow. So it will be a while before we can do THIS one again. If you're asking when the next time I'm going to arrange a run is in general, then I'd same most likely in May as a warmup to Big Bear Bronco Bash. I'm heading to Moab in April, and I don't see anything here being open before May. But you never know, so keep your eyes peeled on here for announcements.

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