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Random shot

Centurions were rare when they were new. Now they're even rarer. Got to drive a Metropolitan (the 2WD version) that a friend had for his Tow Rig. The 460 never met a dead dino it didn't like. Friend said it got 10 no matter where you were going or how heavily it was loaded.

Bob, you been in that game very long? Wondering if you've ever heard the name "Gilkey" at the sand drags?
Mine is also a 460 and I can confirm that 10mpg it no matter what.
I've been racing in the sand drags since 2006. I don't recognize the name, but I don't know everyone there.
Speaking of the sand drags, they just announced that the 3/31/23 race is postponed to 6/9/23. I'm going to have a scheduling conflict. :-(

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