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Post a pic of your Off-Road Trailer


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We have an apparently rare TrailBlazer camp trailer. I bought it from a friend who bought it from a mutual, now passed, friend. The build-up of it was financed by our mutual friend and he towed it all over the Baja peninsula as well as through Copper Canyon in mainland Mexico.

This is it on 33's shortly after I bought it in '07 or so. The problem with running it on 33's is that they're too tall for the tent. I moved it to 31's and that works a whole lot better.

Kind of amusing story there about the pic being hijacked by a narcissistic Land Rover owner. I'll share it when reminded at a camp fire somewhere.

This is it on my way back home from the Parker 425 in 2019, the black tube on it's cross-bars is my 25' telescoping radio mast:

This is it with the FJ60 in 2009 glamping in our friend Joaquin Suave's Nipomo front yard:

I need to get a soft cover made for when in use. The hard cover is a PITA to R&R when solo. I've also been considering buying a OZTent to pair with it and make a semi-enclosed kitchen.

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