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Pinkham Canyon in Joshua Tree National Park


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Here are a few pics and a video from our recent run through Pinkham Canyon in Joshua Tree National Park. We were in a hurry as the sun was going down on us fast, so I didn't get as many still photos as I usually do. But there's plenty of great footage in the video, plus some history on the area.


Pinkham Canyon is a very easy trail, not even requiring 4WD. But a few spots do require higher clearance and better floatation than a normal car has, so this is another one of those quiet, out-of-the-way sections of Joshua Tree where you can truly get away from the crowds and enjoy the desert.

This concluded our 3-part exploration of the off-road trails of Joshua Tree. Check the others out if you're interested in Berdoo Canyon or the Old Dale Mine District. By the way, the videos are all presented in 4K (from my GoPros, drone, Nikon and iPhone) except that my dash cam (the one I got from Ford with my points) only records in 1080p. So if anyone can recommend a good dash cam that shoots 4K and has decent image stabilization let me know :)





As you can see in the pics, we were losing daylight fast. And we didn't quite make it out of the canyon before dark. Where Pinkham Canyon spills out into the flat desert at it's southern end, the trail splits into a bewildering maze of tributaries of the wash, so it was a bit of a challenge finding our way out of there in the dark. There's a small tidbit of that at the end of the video :)

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