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Photo op

How about a thread to introduce our rigs so that we might put Names Rigs and Faces together.
Maybe it can be made a stickie at the top.
I'll go first.
I'm Scott Casto and this is my 90 with a D60 SAS.
She's not so pretty any more, but she still gets the job done.
See: for my '96 Guess I'll have to find the like thread in the EB section to post a pic or two the Bronc-up.

Well, OK, some pics of how some of the OG remember me, both on Miller Heep Trail:


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The 96, back from a successful trial run with the new suspension. Sorry, no action shot. I was having too much fun driving to stop for one. 2nd piece of good news, none of the Mesquite marks on the side got to the paint.

Hi. My name is Tom and I’m an alcoholic. Wait. Isn’t this AA? 43 years with the same Bronco.


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