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New here in the IE


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Hey guys, new here. Just purchased a base 3 door 7mt. Came from a Focus ST. Last 4 wheeler I had and the one I have more experience driving is our 2004 f150. Mostly older BMWs are my thing have an e10, e30 and e34. But whatever BMW doesn't make I go Ford for.

I split my time between San Diego and Redlands. White and black Bronco with Snoopy plates, so feel free to honk!
Hello! I find myself out in Redlands frequently! I’ll make sure and honk if I see you out there!
Was out by the old Greenspot bridge today, got a wave from a cyber orange bronco as I pulled over in front of that wild house in Mentone👋😁
Been doing a bit more exploring nearby, having fun in the mountains which was tough to do when I had that slammed Focus ST haha. But here she is.
Hey Dusty, know any other nearby places? Not looking for much but sometimes just want to leave work early and get away from people.

I see you just attempted Morton Peak. Keep going after that turnoff. You come to another split where you can go down behind Seven Oaks dam or continue on toward Angelus Oaks. Down behind the dam you'll come to another locked gate but there's some neat stuff to see like parts of the old water flumes for the power generating stations. If you continue on toward Angelus Oaks you'll pass another offshoot that goes out to the "helicopter pad" which is a great lunch spot with awesome views. Continue on and you come to Thomas Hunting Grounds, where there are some nice camp sites. You eventually get to Angelus Oaks where you can either come back down the highway or drop back down onto the dirt roads past that waterfall in your previous pic. If you've already run all of those trails try Alder Creek Road that starts across the street from the water district office on Greenspot Rd in Highland. That connects to a big network of trails.

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