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New here in the IE


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Hey guys, new here. Just purchased a base 3 door 7mt. Came from a Focus ST. Last 4 wheeler I had and the one I have more experience driving is our 2004 f150. Mostly older BMWs are my thing have an e10, e30 and e34. But whatever BMW doesn't make I go Ford for.

I split my time between San Diego and Redlands. White and black Bronco with Snoopy plates, so feel free to honk!
Hello! I find myself out in Redlands frequently! I’ll make sure and honk if I see you out there!
Was out by the old Greenspot bridge today, got a wave from a cyber orange bronco as I pulled over in front of that wild house in Mentone👋😁
Been doing a bit more exploring nearby, having fun in the mountains which was tough to do when I had that slammed Focus ST haha. But here she is.

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