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New here 1967 bronco! Work in progress

Picked up a 1967 bronco and have been trying to get it going. Work in progress but it's got good bones!

67 bronco u15. Clean california title with visible Vin.
1. Dana 44 front with locker. Rear ford 9 with locker. Front disk brakes
2. Power brakes
3. Twin stick dana 20 with np205 doubler
4. One piece front fiberglass front (going to change it back to an original steel front eventually)
5. 302 swapped (just got it running after flushing fuel tank and carb rebuild) headers and dual Flowmasters
6. 3 speed manual trans
7. Has working winch in the front but probably going to redo the front and rear bumpers

1. Passenger floor needs replacing
2. Roll cage blocks where doors should go (needs to be cut out and redone. And is welded through part of the rocker panel
3. Rock sliders under rocker panels block where fender should bolt on....
4. Quarter panels have a huge amount of diamond plate covering them that is welded and bolted to some homemade framing......
5. Rear tailgate rusted bottom and doesn't latch because roll cage pushed on the quarter panels...
6. Rust where fenders bolt on. Not too bad though.
7. Previous owner cut the passenger headlight wires off near the voltage regulator thing.
8. Windshield frame was replaced with a later year. (Not too big of a problem as I'm going with the original electric wipers from the later years)
9. Bought a top and doors for it that are getting fixed now.

I think I got it for a decent price and I'm just slowly gathering parts and saving $ to get it going!!


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I Started This Gangsta Shit
So Cal Broncos OG
Looks rough but it'll be a fun project fixing all of the PO's terrible ideas :) So what are your plans for it? Build it to wheel it?


So Cal Broncos OG
Welcome to the club. More than likely that anywhere the diamond plate is there is rust and dents.