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Miller Jeep Trail


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Some of us are going to hit Miller Jeep Trail 10/15. Everyone's welcome to join us!

Details (Run led by Felix808)
Hey guys,
Looking to lead a run through Lockwood Valley & up Miller Jeep Trail on Sat 10/15/22.
Planning to meet at Flying J off Frazier Mountain Rd. 8:30 AM Wheels rolling by 9 AM
This will be a slower pace shake down run, not a bomb run.
Coms will be via GMRS/FRS Ch. 1

Please add name if interested & have the following:

Good attitude
Recovery strap/rope
Good set of all terrain or MT tires 31" minimum,
Pack a lunch & water/drinks - No alcohol please.
Any needed medications
Sun block & bug spray can come in handy.

Hope to see you on the trail :cool:

Event Sign up located here courtesy of BroncoJoerg (y)

Jeff Lemieux

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I plan on attending this run. I have wanted to do this trail for many years. I was not able to find any sign up sheet on the link provided.


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I tried to sign up as well and was unsuccessful. Is it required to register or would it be ok to show up?

Thank you in advance for your time/help,


Felix 808

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I don't have facebook.
Me either.
Just show up with a good attitude, recovery gear & lunch
Hope we see you guys out there.

Smokes BadSquatch, you've been busy 😲

You can sign up here: that should take yo to the event itself. There should be a signup right at the top, aren't you seeing that?

That's possible. I also put it in the Socal 6G Facebook group as well.

OK, are you a member at The Bronco Nation? I have it there as well. Otherwise, I'll see if I can just sign up for you on the even on Bronco6G.
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Bit of bad news! I won't be able to make it! I'm flying to Tampa to help one of our customers who's data center got a little "damp" in the storm and won't be back in town till late on Sunday.

Looks like it's going to be a small, but determined group. Let me know how it goes, and lots of pictures please!


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Well as lucknwoukd have it, finally got MY GURL out of the stable since BBBBXXI and was looking forward to taking her out this weekend but my '14 Ford Flex is jealous and "sounds like possible transmission issue" so I will not be able to make it out. Hope everyone going has a good time , would like to see some pics of the run and look forward to the next trail day.


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