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Looking to rent vintage Bronco (1970-1980, any color, any model) for my wedding day (11/4/23).

Hi everyone,

My fiancé and I are looking to rent a Bronco for our wedding that's happening on 11/4 at a cattle ranch near Solvang, CA. We only need it for one day.

How we would use the Bronco:
  • We love vintage Broncos and have rented them in the past. We're looking for one that has no top (removable tops are fine) and is pristine in terms of exterior condition (interior doesn't matter, no one will see it.) The Bronco would serve as our grand entrance for the brides. The idea would be that the Bronco would transport us from our hair/makeup room to about 50 yards away where the actual ceremony would take place. Again, it’s our grand entrance!
  • Only need it for a couple hours. The ceremony starts at 3pm on 11/4, so we would like to have the Bronco at the property earlier that morning to make sure there are no hiccups.
How much we’d like to spend:
  • $500 for the day rate, plus we’d pay a transportation/driving fee if you’d feel more comfortable driving it up there and driving it back to your home yourself. We’re comfortable driving it by ourselves if you don’t want the hassle (my family had a vintage Chevy K5 so I’m used to driving older SUVs). Obviously we’d pay for gas as well.
Other caveats:
  • If you’re open to renting it for the one day, we would like to do an in-person meeting where we can see the car before we agree to use it.
  • If both parties agree on the terms, we’d like to get something in writing to make both you, and us feel better about the rental. For example, if it stalls out the day of the wedding, we’d take a refund. Or if we cancel last minute and pivot to a different car, we would still pay you.

Hoping one of you on here will know someone who would be interested in this offer! Any help or recommendations would mean the world to me and my fiancé.

Thank you!


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