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Installed ICON 2.5 EXP Shocks and Tubular UCAs


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I got the ICON 2.5 EXP Shocks in! Well, the front ones anyhow View attachment 350921 It was a bigger job than I had anticipated so I I'll have to do the rears this coming weekend, which should go much quicker because the rears are way easier to R&R. Luckily these are replacing an ICON spacer lift of the same height so it will sit level for my commute this week, with EXP's in the front and the spacer lift still in the back. I'll add some pics of the rears along with some shots of the Bronco to show how it sits, once I'm done (full disclosure: I work for ICON but I'm posting as a civilian who's happy with his latest mod LOL)


These EXP shocks are pretty cool. A 2.5-inch diameter ICON performance shock that replaces the stock shock but keeps the stock coil spring and upper mount, making it a great middle ground between spacer lifts and the much more expensive full threaded coilover kits. They work with either the HOSS 1.0 (Hitachi) or HOSS 2.0 (Bilstein) factory coils.


I'm going to have to have a chat with the guys in engineering about a few revisions and clarifications they need to make to the instructions. They were going to install these for me but I wanted to tackle it myself so I could learn more about them and how they go in, so I brought them home to do in my own shop over the holiday weekend.


Here's a pic of the EXP shock alongside the Hitachi shock (HOSS 1.0 aka non-Sasquatch). It's a rear EXP versus a front Hitachi.


If anyone has any questions about these let me know. I'm an expert on them now LOL. Oh yeah almost forgot, I added the tubular UCA's while I was at it. Probably should have already been running them with the spacer lift.


I Started This Gangsta Shit
So Cal Broncos OG
Very nice, tell us how the ride is, are they the rebuildable kind.?

Yes they are rebuildable and revalve-able like all ICON shocks. These have a 2.5" diameter body, 7/8" shaft, hard anodized. impact-extruded, fully CNC machined aluminum cylinder. The ride is slightly firmer than the squshy Hitachi shocks but with much better damping, meaning better control as you move through uneven terrain at speed. And they have a lot more fluid volume, surface area and heat dissipation so they can sustain hard use for longer without fading.