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Information for Vendors


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So Cal Broncos OG
If you are a vendor of products that may be of interest to our So Cal Broncos members, you are welcomed and encouraged to offer an exclusive discount to our members. In order to provide value, to be included here the discount should be deeper than any "commonly available" discounts you offer elsewhere. In order to protect your privacy and MAP policy (if applicable), we sequester the discounts within a "Members Only" sub-section of this forum. If you would like to offer a generous discount to our members please PM the terms of your offer to me, and I'll post it in the exclusive section.

By the way, yes I do work for a vendor myself (ICON). But for anything So Cal Broncos related I remain impartial and welcoming of all vendors' participation including those who compete in the same product categories as the company I work for. This is a level playing field and all vendors are welcome and encouraged to participate here.

So Cal Broncos thanks you!