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Hi There! Bronco parade wanted!!

Ford Bronco Parade - Wanted!


I am getting married at Sunset Cliffs - Osprey Point on THIS Saturday, 9.23.23 and it's my fiance's dream to drive off into the sunset (pun intended!) in a vintage Bronco. To up the ante, I'd like to see if it is possible to round up a convoy of Broncos (of all ages) to take our wedding party of 12 from Sunset Cliffs to Marina Village around 4:20 pm (on 9/23). Anyone interested in some free glamor shots of your Bronco with an epic view, two beautiful brides and their brides' people?! :) Attached is a picture of her ol' girl, Hillary aka "Hillz", a '78.

Please email us if you can help out so we can plan to Uber folks instead.



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