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DP's and California "Heavy-Duty Inspection and Maintenance Program"


Bronco Babe

So this crap looks like it will be happening:
In 2024, they will require testing TWICE per year. This can be done remotely using OBD equipment.
In 2027, testing will increase to 4 times per year.

There are so many cuss words about this. For a vehicle that is barely used! What smog shop can even fit in a DP? Will it even pass since it has never needed one before?

And from what I am reading, even out of state DP's will have to prove smog - which is relatively better than smogging twice and then 4 times a year - and maybe you can get away with not doing it, depending on how they plan to enforce it. Bulllllll shiiiiiitttt.
CARB is an Autocracy, not a bureaucracy. Don't get me started. I'm looking at property in other States. Buy it now before I retire and have it paid off when I do.
California is trying very hard tor fuck itself out of the vehicle registration revenue altogether rather than have reasonable laws. If I have to register my motorhome out of state, all of my other vehicles are going with it.
Just got our postcard from CARB, addressed to "registered owner". Doesn't say too much, but that the Clean Truck Check affects non-gas with a GVWR greater than 14,000 lbs requires reporting, inspection and compliance fees. So I am guessing that our next registration will have some kind of smog requirement. But I don't think we will wait around and see.

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