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Custom badge


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Is there anyone that could make or know where I could get one made , a badge that I could mount on both sides of the cowl hood scoop? Not sure what (font) but would really like if I could find a font as close to the "BRONCO" font.

I want to get "MY GURL" in red badge made.

The attached photo with arrow is where I want to mount it.

Thank you in advance for your time/help,



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You should find someone with a Cricut and have them make a sticker for you with outdoor vinyl (your wifey might know someone). Or go to any sign shop and have them make it. The font might be another issue- you might find something close online, but at that point, it will look like you are trying too hard to match it. I would just use a plain font for contrast.
Found someone who said they can make something out of acrylic with 3m backing, he says it's good. When I get it and mount it I will post.


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