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Confer roof rack mounts/clamps


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Those who know about these parts also know that they've been out of production for a long time. They're hard to find and expensive when you do find some. Yet for older rigs they're perfect for attaching a roof rack or an RTT. I'm looking at making a short production run of some clones made in 304 Stainless Steel and am wondering if there is any interest here? I have slightly altered the design of the brackets to use 1.5" X 3.0" 80/20 extrusion for the cross-bars. Here are pics of the prototype sets of formed parts:



I have since welded a SST stud to the lower parts of the clamp. I still need to get a rough idea of how many sets of parts will be made to get a good idea of cost.
Well, it seems that either very few others can or I'm not reaching the right market(s). With only two solid orders plus my own need, and two maybe's, I'm going to make these and then pull the plug.

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