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Broaddict Trailer Hitch Series: Elevate Your Off-Road Experience


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Hello everyone!

Broaddict Trailer Hitch Series provides the perfect equipment for your 2021-2024 Ford Bronco (not compatible with Bronco Sport). Whether in the city or the great outdoors, it meets your needs and ensures proper transportation and secure fastening of your equipment and belongings.


This Towing Hitch Receiver will make your adventure trips more enjoyable with the following features:

High-strength steel construction: BA OFFROAD Towing Hitch Receiver is meticulously crafted using sturdy high-strength steel, ensuring durability and reliability. This material can withstand heavy loads and various harsh road and weather conditions.

Versatile application: As the most common type among the three classes of hitch receivers, this Towing Hitch Receiver is suitable for connecting and towing various types of trailers, including utility trailers, boat trailers, RVs, snowmobile trailers, and ATV trailers. Whether you're going camping, fishing, skiing, or engaging in other outdoor activities, it can handle them all.

Secure transportation: Designed to securely fasten bicycles, cargo racks, or other items at the rear of your Bronco, this Towing Hitch Receiver provides stable support, ensuring that your belongings stay in place during the journey and are securely transported.

Easy installation: Installing this Towing Hitch Receiver is straightforward. Simply insert the bolt assembly directly into the existing hole, without the need for drilling or welding. This means you can install it yourself at home without requiring special tools or professional skills. This convenient installation method saves you time and effort.

These features make the Towing Hitch Receiver an ideal choice for your Ford Bronco, providing safe and reliable towing capability for your adventure trips.


The product we primarily promote in the trailer hitch series is the Towing Hitch Receiver.
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Other products in this series include the Trailer Hitch Receiver and the Towing Hitch Receiver with Flag Bracket.
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Whether you're seeking excellent towing capabilities or want to showcase your personality and style during outdoor activities, our trailer hitch storage series can meet your needs.

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