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Broaddict Rear Window Interior Shelf Storage Molle Panel Maximize Your Trunk Storage Space


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Hi guys!

Winter is here! Winter off-roading often requires more preparation, do you still have enough trunk space?

To meet your need for additional storage space, we have upgraded the Rear Window Interior Shelf Molle Panel specifically for the 2021-2024 Ford Bronco four-door with a hardtop.


It boasts the following outstanding features:

-Durable Material and Scratch-Resistant Coating: Constructed from durable steel with a specially formulated scratch-resistant and flaw-resistant black coating, ensuring long-lasting use.

-Easy Installation: Simply slide the Molle panel into the space below the rear window and align it with the factory holes using basic tools to secure it in place. The installation process is quick and straightforward, requiring no complex procedures.

-Convenient Storage Solution: The panel provides a secure platform for storing various items such as shopping bags, outdoor gear, and tools. It helps keep your cargo organized and eliminates cluttered cargo areas.

-Secure Mounting of Essential Tools: The Molle grid also provides a secure mounting point for essential tools such as fire extinguishers, ropes, and shovels. You can be well-prepared for any outdoor challenges you may encounter.

Lastly, what items do you all store on your rear window interior shelf storage molle panel? Perhaps we can share its versatile uses together.

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