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BBBBXXIII - 23rd Annual Big Bear Bronco Bash!

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I Started This Gangsta Shit
So Cal Broncos OG
Happy New Year everyone! It's time to start banging the drum for Big Bear Bronco Bash XXIII :) The BBBB Info Page has been updated and will continue to evolve over the coming months, as well as resources added to this forum for discussion and planning. So stay tuned, stay informed, and join in the discussions!

Save the Dates: June 6-9, 2024
Can’t wait. Unfortunately we will only be able to attend Thurs and Friday. Can’t miss my god daughters birthday again!
Hoping to make it this year and find some easy trails since this will be my first year and the first time I take her off roading! Can’t wait!
What is the best type of radio to get to stay connected with others at this event?
Get a programmable dual band radio. For a handheld I recommend the Baofeng UV8HP. There's a list of common frequencies we use, posted in the files section plus there's a thread or two about it you can find in search. Comms are up to the run leader. If you go on one of my runs with only a GMRS you'll be using hand signals :)
You can get a Baofeng on Amazon with the extended battery here for about $30 which, as Dusty said above, are dual band so you get both GMRS and 2-Meter HAM. A simple list of freq. among other files are found here on this site. If you use CHiRP there's also an export file from CHiRP there you can use to program your radio. You can find some discussions on this site about all this here. BTW, sometimes the Baofeng comes locked for transmitting on GMRS. You can find the procedure to unlock it on the internet (not, it's technically illegal to do so, but I'm not the FCC). Here's an example.
Is this event kid friendly? We want to go in the easy trails and was hoping to take the kids too.
Not sure what you mean by kid friendly. Kids are welcome, and many people do bring them. But we don't do anything special to cater to kids or their parents. I can't guarantee they won't overhear a cuss word here and there, or observe people enjoying an adult beverage or partaking of the devil's lettuce, if that's what you mean.
Yeah, I always try to remind people during the drivers meeting that there might be kids listening on the radio. Then promptly forget about it and let some colorful language slip. LOL
I attended last year for the first time with my 2023 Badlands and looking forward to attending this year. Everyone was very helpful and had a great time. Thanks to everyone for the heavy lifting to make this happen. Hope to see some of you at KOH. Cheers!
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