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ADV 2-Door 5" Fenders on Chanel!


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I picked up Chanel from Advanced Fiberglass the other day, where they had installed the first article set of their new 5" flared fenders for the 2-door. I thought they turned out killer. While it was there I also had them install their ram air style fiberglass hood. Chanel gets another step closer to a modern version of Coco :)






To pre-answer some of the questions I've received elsewhere...
  • The fenders are not painted. They just have the white gelcoat that they come out of the mold with. The darker white you see on the doors and gas door is the stock Oxford White of the Bronco. You never realize how un-white Oxford White is until you put something that's actually white next to it. I will be having the fenders and hood, along with the Halo Doors I got from Anderson Composites a while back, all painted to match the Oxford White.
  • Wheel and lift package is 35" Nittos on 17" ICON Rebound Pros, with ICON EXP shocks set at 2" of front end lift and 1.25" rear lift. The bumper is an ICON Trail Series bumper.
  • I don't know if you can run mud flaps with these fenders. Nor do I care LOL.
Thanks for checking it out!


So Cal Broncos OG
Looks good Dusty. Are the rear quarters laid on top of factory metal? Or was that cut away?


I Started This Gangsta Shit
So Cal Broncos OG
How’s the fit? Looks great in the pics.
Fitment seems pretty goodl although on mine they didn't spend too much time on body panel alignment. That will be the job of my body shop. My doors are all misaligned because I've sloppily swapped the hinges back and forth from my halo doors. I talked to my body shop (my cousin, Mike McComas auto body in San Jacinto, who I recommend) yesterday and he'll be taking it in soon.


I Started This Gangsta Shit
So Cal Broncos OG
I finally got the Bronco back from the paint shop and having the fenders, hood and Halo Doors (not shown in these pics) painted. They also fixed the small dent I had in bottom of the passenger door and rocker from the rock garden on Holcomb Creek :)







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