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A Few Forum Upgrades


I Started This Gangsta Shit
So Cal Broncos OG
Hey guys you might have noticed a few upgrades to the forum recently. Here's a summary of what's new:
  • New Forum Theme. I've installed a new theme that looks a little more uptown than the stock theme that came with the forum software, which we had been using until now.
  • New Light/Dark switcher. If you look in the upper-right corner you'll see a small icon that is either a light bulb or a moon. This will toggle you back and forth between the light and dark modes.
  • New Background Switcher. You can switch the image that shows up in the header background when you view the site. Also in the upper-right corner of the screen, next to the light/dark icon, is a little switch icon. Click on that to see the different backgrounds you can switch to. I've loaded a couple of custom ones including the one you see up there now, plus there are still a couple of the stock backgrounds in there. I can load 10 different backgrounds for users to choose from. So if you have an image you'd like for us to use, send it to me. Note that it needs to be high-res so that it's scalable, and also note that only a narrow sliver across the middle of the image will show up, so select any images you contribute to this based on those parameters.