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74 Bronco

Bought this Bronco... kind of... from local San Diego resident way back in the mid 2000's. It was a stock 74, no top, barely any interior, manual 3spd, stock 302 and exhaust, no lift, standard 350 Gears with BB 9" in the rear, Dana 44 Front, No power steering, missing the majority of the tunnel cover... But it was a blast to drive. I immediately swapped out the 3 speed for a C4 Auto and started wheeling it around a bit on open diff's, no lift, and 31" tall tires (John Bull left it's mark on the rockers). Added front hoops to the stock cage and basically made it my weekend grocery getter. Loved the old beat down no frills vibe. I pulled it in the garage with the intention of doing a simple floor pan repair and that is where all the fun started.

Parts replaced or upgraded since that day over a decade ago. Most of this has been with the last 18 months:
  • Complete driver and passenger floor pans and tunnel cover
  • Passenger side rocker panel
  • SS Twin Sticks for the Dana 20
  • Gorilla War Flares
  • Upgraded and resealed heater box with new upper vent and fresh air set up
  • Rear drum Brakes
  • Front Disc Brake Conversion
  • SS complete brake line kit
  • WH 3 1/2 lift (Coils and Rear Leafs)
  • Super Shackles
  • Heavy duty rear U-Bolts and plates
  • James Duff Nitrogen Shocks (singles on all four corners)
  • All For Fun wristed long arms
  • Bloody Knuckle shock hoops front
  • Kaiser Riser
  • 1 ton steering linkage
  • Indy Mag's 17X9
  • BFG 35 x 12.5 AT's
  • WH Rock ski's with nerf's installed
  • TBP premium seats front and rear
  • All new seat belts
  • TBP 6-point Plate Style family cage
  • WH Rear Tail Gate silencer kit with new lockable handle
  • 3G 1 Wire alternator
  • Rebuilt Stock gauge cluster with all new gauges.
  • Replaced all indicator lights, switches, and pull nobs on the dash
  • Swapped the Gove Box door and stock speaker (flip mod to avoid roll cage)
  • Stripped and repainted dash (clear didn't bond, need to do over)
  • PS Pump with the 4x4x2 lines
  • 4x4x2 Power Steering Swap (still in progress)
  • Steering shaft collapsible (still in progress)
  • I Did It steering column (still in progress)
So at this point I have a rolling body with an unpainted exterior, and it is going to stay that way for awhile. Currently the dash it out and the interior is getting ready to get lined and the jam's painted. I'm doing all of that myself, but eventually, will probably pay someone to paint the exterior. My priority it to get it wheeling and reliable before I worry about the looks. Waiting in the box's, but ready to be installed is a new painless wiring harness, upgraded headlights, and a winters sidewinder shifter. I'm going to incorporate that into the center console somehow but need to get over the wiring harness first. I also need to decide on what kind of fuel delivery I'll eventually go with. My thoughts as of now are run the stock carb until I get the rest of the kinks worked out, then either go with new heads, mild cam, and ProFlow, or one of the other projections units.

Once it is running, here is what will be left:
  • Upgrade the rear gas tank to a 23 gallon
  • New Drive shaft for the rear
  • Gears front and Rear
  • Lockers Front and Rear
  • Front winch bumper
  • Rear Tire Carrier and Bumper
  • Eventually some kind of sound system
  • Whatever else comes to mind after wheeling it a bit, you know how it goes.

Current state with a few of the upgrades:
Passenger side bare.jpg
plate style cage 8.jpgDash coming together.jpgplate style cage 7.jpg