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  1. KD6TAV

    1981 Haskel Boat 4 sale $12,000 firm

    I am moving and well the boat is not coming. I have owned this boat since 1999. It’s been cared for year after year. When i got it a put a new 350 Chevy marine crate engine in it, rebuilt the whole jet, added a place diverted to the jet, added a Bimini top, stereo and engine cover. Since then...
  2. KD6TAV

    Wetsounds Sound Bar 4 sale (New)

    Was going to use on my boat but once got it there was no place to install it. Firm $500
  3. KD6TAV

    Drum Set 4 Sale $80

    Drum set for sale. One stand for the symbol is broken but everything else works. $80 or best offer.
  4. KD6TAV

    Frontrunner Rooftop Tent 4 Sale

    Selling my rooftop tent, ladder extension and annex. Here is the manufacturer website for all the details. As you can see from that site $1,169, $86 for ladder with extension and $285 for annex totals $1,540 Link to see...
  5. KD6TAV

    EB Bronco Parts 4 Sale

    Oh well. I got side tracked… was pulling out more parts for sale.
  6. KD6TAV

    EB Bronco Parts 4 Sale

    DM me or text me or call me if you got my number and come pick up a mystery box of stuff today. You can have a beer and hand me a wrench… working on bronco today.
  7. KD6TAV

    EB Bronco Parts 4 Sale

    This one i don’t know a mod for and it’s a 2m & 220. You want a 2 m & 70 cm that can be modified. I’ll look for which one is good for that and how to do it.
  8. KD6TAV

    Day 1 Video

    Looks like a nice day
  9. KD6TAV

    EB Bronco Parts 4 Sale

    Everything must go…. DM me your offer for what you are looking at and let’s make something happen….
  10. KD6TAV

    Two way radios

    The taller one should work. The radio it what most people have and works.
  11. KD6TAV

    C4 Rebuild Shop

    I used SK Performance Transmission (Steve) in Sun Valley, CA fair price and he rebuilt by ZF5
  12. KD6TAV

    Rock lights

    Well when the rain stop I’ll try to get some pics.
  13. KD6TAV

    Two way radios

    Sonny that’s a good but cheap ham radio. Looks like an older model that can transmit on all frequencies. One could transmit on no ham radio frequencies for example some of those family radios or race frequencies. What you need to do is throw away the antenna it came with and get any other one...
  14. KD6TAV

    EB Bronco Parts 4 Sale

    DM me what you want and your offer. I am located in the burbank/pasadena ca area.
  15. KD6TAV

    Bronco lifts and warranties

    Good topic. I had a ‘heap” before and never had issues with warranty as the aftermarket parts were made for that model. But hear it depends on lots of factors. For example the dealership. Mine installed various lifts so they were use to aftermarket lift kits.
  16. KD6TAV

    Yes another FNG jumping right in.

    Congratulations. I reserved mine July 13, 2021 and still waiting. It should get built next week but that’s also been delays twice already. Welcome to the group.
  17. KD6TAV

    Ford Bronco Raptor

    My build date for my Bronco Raptor is the week of January 9th! The plan is still to sell to cover cost to fix/upgrade my 1971 bronco and we are looking to buy a house not a new truck. Wish i could keep it but not at this time. DM me if interested and we can discuss before i put it up for...
  18. KD6TAV

    Recommendations for an In Tank Fuel Pump

    Thanks dusty. It seems like we are always learning. Found out that the in tank pump that came with the kit is a walbro, a good company from what i hear, but what i didn’t know is the fitech is setup to use PWM (Pulse Width Modulator) which walbro pumps do NOT like and will make them fail...
  19. KD6TAV

    Recommendations for an In Tank Fuel Pump

    My pump gave out. I have the wild horse 23 stainless steel gallon tank and had the in tank pump that came with the kit. Anyone have any recommendations or non recommendations?? Thanks
  20. KD6TAV

    Guess I finally joined

    You’ll love that ZF5, went from a NP435 to ZF5 and it’s great!

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